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Demystifying Seizures in Pets

Although seizures in pets are a common neurologic problem, they are distressing to witness. Our team at Veterinary Medical Center of Indian River County knows that witnessing a pet experience a seizure can be frightening, especially for the first time. We are here to help you understand seizure causes, and how you should react if [...]

4 Essential Components of a Cat-Friendly Home

A cat’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle can be fulfilling, but carries certain risks such as sustaining injury, getting lost, or contracting illness. To minimize these risks, many pet owners keep their cat indoors. A cat’s indoor life is safer, but considerably more boring, which can lead to behavior issues or stress-related illness. To prevent these problems, pet [...]

4 Steps to Thanksgiving Success for Pets

Thanksgiving seems like the ultimate holiday for pets. Delightful aromas? Check! Tasty foods? Check! Overly indulgent owners and holiday guests who can’t resist those sad hungry eyes? Double check!  But amid the holiday hustle and bustle, our beloved pets can find themselves in a cornucopia of trouble. To ensure you have a happy and hazard-free [...]

Preparing for a New School Year: 5 Ways to Help Your Pet Get Straight A’s

To avoid the back-to-school schedule shock, prepare your family—pets included—before the first bell rings. Instead of chasing down the bus with forgotten lunches, and arguing over who was supposed to walk the dog, greet the new school year with ease by following our Veterinary Medical Center of Indian River County team’s five tips to help [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Enjoying Hot Weather with Your Pet

Although Florida’s year-round temperatures are higher than most of the country, summer is particularly brutal, as thick humidity and extreme heat can make being outside miserable, and threaten your pet’s health. However, your furry pal must continue to exercise and eliminate, so outdoors you go. To prevent your pet from developing a life-threatening health condition [...]

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