When your pet needs surgery, you want the best care possible—but you may not know what that looks like. At the Veterinary Medical Center of Indian River County, we are committed to caring for each patient as if they were our own pet. This mission focuses our mind—and hearts—on delivering only the highest quality care every step of the way, every single time, for each and every pet.

Patient Comfort

Our dedication to pet comfort includes a focus on physical and emotional wellbeing. Our surgical team uses Fear Free™ techniques—compassionate, pet-friendly, handling and care strategies that reduce patient stress and anxiety, increase comfort, and aid healing.

We anticipate physical pain and provide perioperative analgesia (i.e., pain relief) before, during, and after the surgery using a multimodal approach (i.e., blocking pain locally at the source, as well as in the central nervous system). Because pain can negatively affect healing, behavior, and quality of life, we assess pain levels throughout your pet’s stay.